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Dentures FAQ

What is the Texas Denture Center?
The Texas Denture Center is part of Advanced Dentistry of Spring and provides full service to denture patients. We not only treatment plan full dentures and implants, but believe in saving any and all teeth when possible. If this treatment option is available we can perform that here as well. Through a new FDA-approved procedure using a laser for gum disease, many times teeth can be saved. Sometimes a combination of dentures on one arch and saving teeth on another is a great option for patients.

What makes Texas Denture Center different from other offices that provide similar services?
Some places you often hear about provide some great services. However, they are limited in the services they can provide in one location. One may provide great implant teeth replacement but doesn't provide the option to save any teeth in their office. Others may provide only certain types of smaller-diameter implants to hold dentures without all of the other available options. We have set up a system in our office to be able to provide many options for dentures and even save teeth when possible.

How can you provide all these services in one location?
By creating a team in one location with a board-certified oral surgeon, an experienced general dentist, experienced hygienists, and experienced dental assistants, we can provide a full spectrum of services for denture patients or patients considering their custom new denture options.

Beautiful Natural Looking Dentures Sprint TXHow can you save teeth that would otherwise be extracted?
By utilizing a procedure called LANAP, which is an FDA-approved procedure for treating gum disease, we can save many teeth that might otherwise be extracted. When at all possible, saving natural teeth is the best option. When you come in for a consultation we are focused on your options. By having all the treatment options available in one location, we can not only recommend the treatment, we can also provide it in the same office. We also have a full-service hygiene program that focuses on maintaining patients' remaining teeth and their new implants. Many times a patient may have an upper denture but had remaining lower teeth. We want to help you maintain and keep those lower teeth if at all possible.

What options are available for patients should they require teeth extraction?
We offer a full spectrum of treatment options, from mini implants to traditional implants. These options include implant-retained dentures and can even include a fixed-denture prosthesis like you often hear about. What we have found is that many patients have limited resources for treatment. While an upper and lower fixed prosthesis can be a good option for some patients, they don't necessarily have the budget to afford the procedure. There are many other great options that can be customized to the patient's needs at a reasonable cost. A complete set of dentures with two lower implants can be a great option, while a palateless upper implant denture and lower implant-retained denture may be a better option for other patients. We try to show you your options based on your individual case. We show you examples, models, and computer animations so you can have a good idea of your options and make an educated decision on what best fits you.

Do you provide the "teeth in one day" service?
There are places that do this type of treatment, but the treatment is not in one day. It involves various appointments and you must be a good candidate for this to work well. Also, as mentioned above, not everyone can necessarily afford the money for this type of treatment. We can provide a very similar service should this be something a patient is interested in. Also, many times denture services in general do provide teeth replacement in one procedure. Patients having teeth removed will always be given a replacement option the same day, and one that is affordable to their needs.

What if I already have dentures?
We can make custom new dentures. We can make new partial dentures. We can also use your existing dentures if they are in good condition to attach to implants to better support them. There are many options for existing denture patients. What's most important is that you are regularly seeing a dentist to have your dentures checked and your oral tissues examined on a regular basis!

What types of implants and materials do you use?Implant Secured Dentures Spring TX
We only use the best implants available. Many times these are implants by Nobel Biocare, which is one of the most respected implant companies in the world. If we are using mini implants, these are implants offered by 3M. We use the Locator attachment system for dentures, which is the premier way to attach dentures to implants. There are also many ways to fabricate dentures. We use only the best denture teeth available and the best heat-pressure-injected system to process the dentures. By combining top-quality materials and experienced clinicians, we can provide a long-term dependable solution for every patient's needs.

Do you accept patient referrals from other dentists?
We do accept referrals from other dental offices. Many dental offices prefer not to provide denture services. Also, many times in complex cases it's difficult to provide the services for a patient who might have to go to multiple specialty offices for treatment. If you have a patient who is difficult to treat, needs dentures, or needs a combination of laser gum therapy (LANAP) and denture, we would gladly see your patient for a consultation.

This is just a sampling of often-asked questions. Have one of your own? Don't hesitate to give us a call at (281) 376-1214 so we can assist you.

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