Smile Gallery: Gorgeous Dentures

One of my favorite areas of dentistry is removable prosthodontics (dentures). Many times however dentists do not make dentures or they try to avoid them as much as possible. Because fabricating a great set of dentures is not an easy task, this can be greatly understood. However, the changes are so dramatic they are very rewarding to me. It makes you feel good to finish and see the smile on the patient when they look in the mirror for the first time! Usually the response is “I can’t believe it!”

If you are currently wearing a denture that your not happy with or you think you may need dentures please come in for an evaluation. Many times we can have a set of Gorgeous Dentures made in just a few appointments.

Also you may be a candidate for dental implants. If this is the case the amount of chewing ability can be drastically enhanced. Because of some very recent advances in denture technology implants can be used to easily secure your dentures so that you never have to worry about them coming out.

Click here to see some Implant Denture cases

– Dr. Glass

This patient had a denture made that she was very unhappy with. She drove several hours to our office after finding our website. She then after a couple of appointments had a new denture made the way she wanted and was very satisfied.

She said the following upon a recent visit to our office: “I just visited my family for vacation and they remarked how great my teeth looked. They even looked at them very close. They never could figure out that I had a denture and I never told them! I am so happy I found your office!”

Gorgeous Dentures: Case #1

All the photos below (before and after) are taken the same day on the delivery appointment.

Gorgeous DenturesGorgeous DenturesGorgeous Dentures

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