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Nitrous Oxide

Bringing Comfort To Your Dental Visit.

It is ironic that local anesthetic is both the salvation and the bane of modern dentistry. It allows virtually pain free treatment, yet is associated with many anxious thoughts and misconceptions.

In our practice we always use a topical anesthetic on the gum tissue and give it time to work. We inject warmed anesthetic very slowly using extremely thin needles to minimize discomfort. We will coach you on how to relax your body during injections to reduce discomfort and will help you to distract yourself or otherwise focus your attention elsewhere. Nitrous oxide, which helps control both anxiety and pain for short periods of time, is also available for those who are interested or find such an approach useful. We will not proceed with treatment if the anesthesia is inadequate. We can verify the adequacy of anesthesia using an electric pulp tester. If you feel any pain during treatment, raise your left hand and we will stop and supplement the anesthesia.

Because of advances in techniques and medications, today there is usually little discomfort during dental visits.

When patients are anxious or if relaxation techniques fail, your dentist may use sedatives or antianxiety agents such as nitrous oxide to help you relax. Nitrous oxide is a commonly used dental sedative that produces a giddiness or euphoria, which is why people frequently call it "laughing gas."

Nitrous Oxide, a sweet-smelling gas, is a compound of nitrogen and oxygen. It is inhaled, along with oxygen, through a nasal mask. It is used for patients of all ages. It is also used in a number of dental treatments such as tooth restoration, placement of crowns, or for minor surgical procedures. Nitrous oxide is often used along with local anesthetics and pain medications. It has the effect of raising the pain threshold and may even make the
time appear to pass quickly.

Nitrous oxide has several advantages over other sedatives; it’s fast-acting which means patients recover quickly and it is associated with few side effects.

Nitrous oxide provides "conscious sedation." The patient is capable of rational response to a question or command. Conscious sedation differs from general anesthesia since it does not put the patient totally "to sleep" and involves less risk.

Some anxious patients may need only a little oral medication the night before to prepare them for their dental visit the next day. For other patients a combination of sedation methods is needed. Whatever the anxiety level, Our Doctors will carefully consider the various options for helping you have a more relaxed dental visit. If you have any questions about nitrous oxide, talk with us at your convenience.

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