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Deep Bleaching™

We have a new revolutionary technique for whitening even the most toughest cases.

The Secret of Extreme Whitening:

You may be wondering how we do this. Well, it involves two in-office sessions of bleaching (the first one we call the “conditioning visit”), and then wearing of very special bleaching trays that we custom fabricate while you sleep for several consecutive nights in-between the two in-office sessions.

Many times cheaply fabricated home trays using inferior techniques will yield just that......inferior results!

Don’t worry, these bleaching trays you wear are not like any you’ve ever tried—they fit impeccably well and compress against the tooth right up next to the gumline. This causes a seal, which keeps the special bleaching gel sealed in the tray, so there is no swallowing of the yucky bleach. The bleaching goes deeper, and deeper and deeper during the night while you sleep (therefore “deep” bleaching). This is what allows the final bleaching visit in our office to skyrocket the color of the teeth. And comfort? Just LOOK at how comfortable these trays are in the photo below. Everyone tells us that they’re so comfortable, that you virtually can’t even feel them in place.

Spring TX Teeth Whitening

(Notice the exceptional can barely even see them in! Also pay special attention to how well they fit around the gum tissue...this is very critical for success!)

If having beautiful white teeth for the rest of your life is important to you – now you know the secret.

Here is a case in which the 6 Month Braces Technique was performed (Picture Below). Then the teeth were reshaped following the extreme whitening procedure. The patient was extremely happy she did not have to have her teeth prepared in order to have a pretty white smile.

Tooth Whitening Spring TX White Teeth Spring TX


Here is a case below in which the teeth were previously covered up with bonding because the dentist was unable to bleach the teeth. After removing the old stained bonding (picture below) we performed the extreme whitening procedure (picture below). The patient was extremely happy she did not have to have new restorations to cover the tetracycline stained teeth! She was also happy to have a pretty white smile without having to have her teeth prepared!

Extreme Whitening Spring TX Teeth Bleaching Spring TX

Do you need the Extreme Whitening Procedure?

Many patients can benefit from the Extreme Whitening Procedure. Here are a few types of teeth that can greatly benefit:

Tetracycline Stained Teeth, Deeply Stained Teeth, Deeply Discolored Teeth, and Teeth that have not responded well to previous whitening procedures.

However, many can benefit without the in-office sessions! By using our new fabrication techniques for our custom whitening trays we have dramatically increased our results without the in-office sessions which lowers cost.

You may be a great candidate for either: The Extreme Whitening Procedure that involves two in-office sessions or without the in-office sessions.

If you would like an evaluation to see which technique would be best suited for you please call us today at (281) 376-1214 for an appointment!

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